Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taking DIY Farming to a Vertical Level

In August I had posted a blog entry about Vertical Farms from the NY Times Op-Ed Column. Today I came upon another vertical growing initiative that is taking place in New York City, Window Farming! This form of farming does not require tower-like structures like the Vertical Farms form does, but instead it utilizes flat vertical structures, like windows. This is also a form of farming that any urbanite interested in growing their own food can do themselves.

More cities need to look into alternative methods for growing food and utilizing hydroponics and vertical space is critical to the success of these endeavors. Using these creative soil-less growing mediums is also necessary for sustainable roof-top growing. If you have never seen a successful roof top vegetable garden, you have to check out the Gary Comer Youth Center's amazing urban vegetable garden/farm. (Their website does not fully express the uniqueness of their garden- go there for a visit and be prepared to be inspired!)

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