Monday, July 27, 2009

Mint Creek Farm's New Meat CSA starts in August

We are excited to launch our very first Meat CSA starting on August 2nd! Only available for 3 months and pick ups are either at the Logan Square Farmers market the first Sunday of the month or the Green City Market the first Wednesday of the month. We will be sharing with our new members our tasty lamb and goat products. The most exciting news is that we are also unveiling a brand new product to our members- pastured angus beef! We are excited to try out this new product with our loyal customers and hope to expand our offerings soon to all our market followers. We are going to keep you posted on when, where and what grass-fed beef we will have available very soon. If you missed out on signing up for our CSA, don't fret. We will be offering a winter version starting in November. Sign ups will start in October, so keep shopping at the farmers markets and we will keep you posted on all the details.

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  1. Today hungry meat lovers went home with their Mint Creek CSA bags at Logan Square! We are very excited to hear back from everyone about how they prepared all their cuts of lamb, goat and beef. This month's half share: 2# of grass-fed angus sirloin steak, 1# of grass-fed ground beef, 1# of pastured lamb loin chops and 1# of pastured goat kabob meat. In our whole share bag we put the following: 1# grass-fed ground beef, 1.5# grass-fed angus flat iron steak, 1# pastured lamb loin chops, 1# pastured goat kabob meat, 1# lamb breakfast sausage patties, 2# grass-fed beef short ribs, 1.5# milk-fed french rack of lamb and 1# of milk-fed lamb leg steak! We hope everyone loves these cuts as much as we do. Enjoy!