Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What's on Sale This Week at Market (7-29 to 8-2)

Sale Item:
Mutton Kabob Meat $8/lb

. That's right I said mutton. Now what exactly is this mutton that we speak of? Well, it is an adult sheep, plain and simple. Mutton gets a bad rap, because no one knows what it is and lets face it, it does not have the best sounding name-mutton (hum...). That being said, our mutton is pastured on the same fields as our lamb and goat and it tastes just as great. Don't believe me, well try some and see for yourself. We are offering our Mutton Kabob meat for $8/lb! An excellent value and a very flavorful addition to tonight's dinner menu. There are a great number of recipes online utilizing mutton. Here is one to try:

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  1. Just made the mutton kabob this evening using the recipe linked above. It was excellent! The yogurt really tenderizes the meat and the toasted coconut makes for a very aromatic marinade that accents the meat perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by just how much I really liked this dish. This recipe is a keeper!