Friday, August 7, 2009

Blue Kitchen Cooks up Mint Creek Meat

Terry and Marion came to the Logan Square farmers market one Sunday and we talked food. Good food. They told me that they write a food blog called Blue Kitchen and that they have prepared some of Mint Creek's pastured meats. I was thrilled to learn that and when I got home that day, I promptly checked out their blog. Terry does such a wonderful job creating dishes and photographing them that I signed up to get their blog feed through my google reader account. Now I follow Blue Kitchen's adventures along the culinary road to create, share and enjoy good food. One of my favorite entries of theirs is about our goat kabob meat: Cumin and cinnamon grilled goat kabobs with a pomegranate molasses, yum! Terry also gives a nice little introduction to the world of goat meat for anyone that may be hesitant to sink their teeth into a hunk of goat.

Note: If you would like to follow Mint Creek's new blog just click on the "Follow" button and you can follow our every mouth watering moment through Google Connect!

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